Pierluigi Siena, filmmaker, author, photographer, copywriter, arts, cultural heritage
Pierluigi Siena

To me "communication" means: completeness.


I’m an eclectic filmmaker/author, TV director, photographer with 15+ years proven track record.

I can and will take over the whole storytelling process, from drafting to delivery.

I also work on occasion as copywriter for agencies and for European funds projects.


My skills include:

  • one-man-band documentaries
  • directing filmmaking crews and multi-cam tv shows
  • constructing the narrative, creating the visual language, producing the edit
  • architectural, reproduction and reportage photography for cultural heritage & fine arts
  • copywriting for communication agencies and tenders
  • creating web and TV formats
  • native-like English fluency

My latest achievements are:

  • 180+ engaging contents in the last 5 years in Italy for Rai TV, Mediaset, Sky Arte, Rai Cinema and other companies
  • 20+ art-related documentaries shot and aired on major broadcasters
  • hundreds of photographs published in art books and magazines